My writing stroll in stock market!

Just a few months ago, all i knew about stock market was... nothing except the spelling. But as i would always vouch for, advertising teaches you all.

Before I left my previous to previous agency, Focus, I had a small stint in a brainstorming session for Motilal Oswal. Yeah, that was the first time I got to know the very basics. However, I tried not to be on the account and fortunately my dear Nivedita got to work on it!

I moved on to Mudra's Rapp Collins and Motilal Oswal's online work followed. Well, I studied a bit and did a decent job on it (it didn't require too much of 'stocket' science) to crack that particular brief.

I moved on to Pinstorm, and just as I started enjoying Swissotel accounts, I got my new brief on Kotak Securities! Well, well, I think God really wants me to be master of all 'trades'. Thanks to Nileshh and Bala, I now know much more than just the spellings of the stock lingo! Yep I've been learning and writing a lot on shares, stocks, mutual funds, SIP (which until some time back i thought had to do only with beverages!)...

And to my own surprise I'm planning to invest in the 'top performing mutual funds', to go for 'systematic investment planning' and to keep a close watch on the 'upcoming IPOs'. Economic Times, DNA Money, CNBC & Zee Business which a few weeks ago were some 'I'm not interested in this stuff' are what I regularly try to read / watch.

I'm so glad to be in a profession where you are, sooner or later, a student of everything under the sun and then you know all about it to convince the world!


  1. The name is Nileshh - with "hh"...

  2. With such deep understanding are you investing in the stock market or not yet?


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