F?@k Knows Book Review: Fast and funny train to self discovery

Title: F?@K Knows
Author: Shailendra Singh
Publisher: Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd.
Price: Rs 195/-
Language: English
My rating: 3.5/5

I received the book by courier and when I removed it from the envelope, I said, "F?@k, this is one cool title!"

I wondered if I should actually read this book by Shailendra Singh in the ladies compartment of a Mumbai local train at non-peak hours when only teachers, students and a copywriter like me travel in the furnace-hot dabba? When they see me reading this book, will the teachers think I am too bold to pick up a book and flash the bold red F?@k title on the yellow cover... what's with this generation? Will the college girls think I am doing so just to show that I am still too cool and young?

F?@k Knows! I thought it would be fun just to look at their faces and read their expressions. And I enjoyed every moment of it!

I received the book just a few days before I touched my exact mid-thirtieth birthday! On the other side of 35, I am open to kids and young teenagers calling me aunty. But before that, let me try to look cool, young and happening! So I decided to read the book during my train travel all the way from Panvel to Thane and back.

Why I chose this book?
The title is awesome. And I needed a break from my stressful life. I was planning to read something different and quick. I must confess since I wanted to surprise myself I purposely did not read what the book is all about. The title attracted me and I went for it!

It's a light book!
Literally, yes (234 pages paperback). Figuratively, it's a light read as well but with deeper meanings that take you on a self-discovery journey.
The author, Shailendra Singh, actually starts with a note on how to read the book!
I found the first few chapters a bit slow and difficult (just because of some calculations), but intense and meaningful at the same time. Then the book gains momentum and how!

It makes you think
I know many people who do not prefer to read self-discovery books. I was one of those when I was younger. But let me tell you, this book is not just all gyaan, it makes you laugh as much as it makes you think. I could not resist smiling by myself in a train as I read some of the chapters. And unlike many books, F?@k Knows has some mind-blowing ability that makes you smile throughout a chapter or two. Two chapters in particular were so funny yet thought provoking that I read them twice and once read it out to my husband.

Do I agree?
There are so many small and big things the author says that and I completely agree with and have been following all my life. Like celebrating your birthday. And honouring your mother because it was her most special day when you were born and still is. You are here because she wanted you to be.

I am certain, you will agree with so many things he says. It feels good to read what we believe but don't think about it much because we are too busy.

It makes you act
The author has tried his best that people reading this book not just think but act as well. He talks about creating a F?@k it list (not telling more about it, you must read the book!) and reminds you about it at intervals. Through his journey of life and lessons, you have an added advantage to have a happier life.

Follow your heart
Just do it because you want to do it and not because you have to do it. Most of us have said it to ourselves time and again. Some of us follow this funda, but most do not. It does make a difference when someone tells us, pokes us, "Is this what you wanted to do?"
I wanted to read this book. I did. And I am so glad I did.
I know you are tempted to. So go ahead. Pick up your copy and you will not be disappointed at all.

All or at least the following will happen during and after you read F?@k Knows:
  • You will smile and laugh
  • You will think and reassess your actions
  • You will in all probability do something about being happier
  • You will thank me that I recommended this book
  • You will thank Shailendra Singh that he wrote it for you!   
Words that describe the book
Witty, philosophical, straightforward, self-help, self-discovery, simple, f?@king awesome

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  2. Wow, thats a pretty cool review - i say so cos just cos of this review, I now wanna read the book :)



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