Justice is blind, but is it deaf too?

Over 1 lakh women were raped in India since 2007!

Every single time there is any news about a rape, every woman is enraged. Over the months, with so many terrible incidents reported almost everyday in the newspaper, the anger, the sorrow and the feeling of being unsafe only builds up. And it comes to a point when some of us, including me, feel so terrified that we start having nightmares... that we stop reading the entire news about rapes... because it leaves us disturbed... very disturbed.

This happens to us when we read about a certain rape tragedy with someone we didn't even know. Try imagining the plight of the person actually going through the trauma! No, we can never imagine.

Remember how bad you feel when someone at a crowded railway station touches you inappropriately and disappears in the crowd? As if we are some public property!!! Even thinking about what we will do if someone tries to rape us is super scary. Even if the thought comes to our mind, we immediately switch off. We think, we are unnecessarily worrying, it won't happen to us. But deep within we are concerned:
  1. Will we be able to protect ourselves when a gang of inhuman creatures arrives?
  2. If someone comes to our rescue, will that person be able to help or would the person be beaten up and thrown away too?
  3. If the culprits are not punished severely, will we ever step out? Will anyone dare to come to our help?
  4. What after the rape? Will we become just a number? A case that will be lost in history? A 'sansanikhhez' news item for the media? A reason for politics?
  5. What is the first thing that someone who notices a rape victim will do? Will the person offer some clothes without wasting a second? Will the person dial emergency? Will the person ensure that a crowd does not gather with mobile phones on camera or video mode? What about the dignity when a rape victim comes in public view?

Rape is the worst thing to happen. It is a shame it is still happening in a nation we call independent. It's hell brought down on earth. And the demons and potential demons are roaming around freely! And sometimes, someone around comes to help. But these days, even the Good Samaritan is 'punished'. In a country where there are so many Goddesses one can't even count, a woman feels unsafe. This is after India has celebrated 65 years of independence! When will Indian women celebrate independence? 

I looked up for some facts wondering really how far we have reached in being light and careless with such cases. I was wondering if the number of rapes has increased this year in particular, is something really going bad with the system / education / laws? Or has it always been like this but only this time it is so much in the news?

But I was in for a greater shock... over 20000 women are raped every year in our country!!! OVER 20000!!! And these are the statistics from the National Crime Reports Bureau (http://ncrb.nic.in/).

I have read the table over and over again but I still cannot believe the numbers. So please check this link and tell me if I am wrong. I hope you tell me I am wrong.

And if I am not, please don't let the voice come down this once. Please don't give up the demand for severe laws against such creatures. There has to be a severe punishment for such inhumane behaviour. The punishment and the term should set an example that no one ever dares to think about molesting / raping anyone.

We do not want to be a number in the list of rape cases. We do not want the rape cases to decrease over a period of time. We want ZERO CASES OF RAPE FROM THIS VERY DAY.

Hoping the laws are made stringent where they should be. Hoping the common man and woman is assured increased safety the way we are assured of increased fares, expenses and taxes. 


  1. Rape has turned into a plague.. and what's worse is 20000 seems less...these are probably the registered cases, what about the one's that aren't.

    The way society looks at rape victims is also shameful. It's insane how the woman are treated. I don't know when we will see the rising sun and be assured of our safety. :|

  2. Where on earth did laws make a better society?

    It's the consciousness level of the Indians that should rise. Stop electing criminals. Bring intelligent people into our Assemblies and the Parliament. Then you will see the change. The leaders make the difference.

  3. Stringent laws & their efficient enforcement are needed of course,but we need to correct this gender bias pronto.As long as boys are reared as a special species sent by the heavens to subjugate women;this will continue.

  4. Very well writter anuradha!!
    there really is a dire need to change people's mindset about a lot of such heinous crimes in India!!
    My heart goes out to all those sad victims of such tragegies. The poor souls were just in the wrong place in the wrong time!!


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