Letter to the thief

So Mrinal's wallet was stolen a few minutes back at Lokmanya Tilak Terminus. While we had loads of work to complete this Sunday, we are struggling to block credit cards and lodge complaints. Not to mention the disappointment and anger. All right, my househelp's 4th leave this week has added fuel to it. As househelps are meant to be pampered else they will leave you home alone with all the cleaning and washing, and since with Fibromyalgia, I cannot afford to lose a househelp, I am gonna talk to the thief. Here's a letter to the thief. All I need is the address now!


Mrinal Pentapalli is not Crorepati... he is Annu's Pati. Why the hell are you after him. A few weeks back, you took away his entire backpack with lot many belongings. And today, wallet with credit cards and all??? 

Tum logon ke koi usool nahi hain kya? Same person ko do do baar loota! Lootna hai toh corrupt politicians ko looto (news dekho, poora info milega kisne kitna khaaya hai), or grab some cash from Kasab's daily expenditure or from the hafta-wasooli guys. Leave the common man alone. We are already lootofied by taxes, VAT, inflation and what not. You have completed your quota of stealing from our family. 

You dare not touch any of our belongings again.


  1. Aww, can so relate to you given the fact that my mobile was stolen a couple of weeks ago. and right! Its time they target people with REAL money! lol ;)

    Would love to hear from you! Do stop by my blog! *cheers*

  2. Mam,

    You are genious. Love the letter very much, alas the chor could find and read your blog.

    S mishra


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