Being good is worth it

There are two types of people – good and bad. There isn’t anything like ‘almost good people’ or ‘almost bad people’. The sooner you realize it, the better.

A few appreciate people who are good, but the rest and majority of people who are bad make use of good people. And yes, if you are good, you are not allowed to make even one tiniest mistake. Even if you do it accidentally, even if you are sure that it’s not a mistake, the bad people put it in the ‘bad deeds’ category. And please note that ‘bad things’ listed by bad people are actually good things that are wrongly listed under bad category. But then, since the majority of people are bad, things listed by them in the bad category are eventually considered bad by the world.

That the world is good is a proven-over-a-million-times myth. But good people, who insist on staying good, try to be optimistic and believe that the world is good / the world can be good / bad people will one day become good / there are a very few bad people. The fact is that there are more chances of good people becoming bad rather than bad people becoming good.
So the number of bad people keeps increasing and you notice lesser and lesser good people as time passes by.

But whether you are good or bad, remember this:

When you are on your deathbed remembering the time you spent in this world, you would certainly not want to feel bad about anything you did.

If you have been bad, you would wish you could relive your life and rectify all the bad deeds you did. This would include the smallest bad thing you did like being unfair to a person who really cares for you. But then, obviously you won’t be able to rectify your deeds and die with a deep and unfulfilled wish. And people you knew might either not remember you after a while or would only recall all the bad things you did to them and others.
If you have been good, you will remember that you have done so much good. You won’t lie repenting as you would not have anything to repent for. There would be loved ones around you who will always remember you for your good deeds. And you will pass away smiling.

When we say life is short we must remember that the time on the deathbed is shortest. Because if you want to change anything when you know you are dying, you won’t have any time at all.

So try to be good, because it is worth it.

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  1. oh man, thanks for this. i was really like tired of being good, especially when they do not value your kindness, tsk..

    care to exchange links? :)


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