Just bought Nokia E63 phone!

It was about time I bought a new mobile handset. And as always, I wanted to be sure about what I must purchase. I was sure about certain things, unsure about the rest.
For sure, I wanted to pick up a Nokia or Sony Ericsson with at least 2MP camera, FM, better navigation and email / blogging features. What I was unsure about the price range I should opt for. Well, the last time my Nokia phone worth Rs 10000 plus drowned in water. So I didn’t want to buy a very expensive handset.
I was okay with a broad price range: Rs 7000 to Rs 14000
My colleagues had recommended the business phone Nokia E63. And then it would help me blog too. I do have a soft corner for Sony Ericsson though. That made things tough. After reading reviews and consulting friends, I had to decide between Sony Ericsson C510 and Nokia E63.
Eventually, I finalized on Nokia E63. Why? Well, I found the buttons of C510 keypad a bit uncomfortable. And then Nokia E63 gave me the QWERTY advantage. There was price difference of just around Rs 1000, Nokia being on the higher side.
The first day with Nokia E63 has been good… love the navigation, speed and the preloaded games! Yet have to explore many features. Let’s see!

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