01:01, 555, 1313, 21.21, 15.15...

(Mrinal, please ignore this post.)

Double, triple, quadruple numbers. Infinite times a day. Am I seeing these coz that's how my work is multiplying these days or is there an indication I must understand?

Those who know me since the last 2 years, know what I'm talking about. I know there's a theory, but the fear of falling into superstitions or rather the fear of being feared stops me to find out what is all this about. If you discover something good about this, please tell me.

My fingers went ice cold today when such weird number occurence happened for the nth time in an hour. Thought scribbling this down might help me relax. Nah.

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  1. What is 15:15, thats the only one I dont know I think.

    It's cool man - nothing to be freaked out about. Numbers kick ass. And if you are getting them in beautiful sequences, then it's all good.


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