From 'My back at work' to 'Back to work'


My summer vacation's over and i am not upset about it. One month of complete bed rest, and later a month of being a couch potato and evenings out has been just perfect. The best part is that i have put on visible kilos and am happy about it (of course except the tummy that needs some trimming).

Finally i got the break at the only place i applied for a job and it's just going as i thought it should. Dream job is that i can call this and i am not talking about job profile for this once (that i'll keep for later).

Friends who know me like their own self would know how much i wondered why they don't serve maggi out on the streets or better still at office. You got it folks - we have maggi at my workplace! And fishes, not the smell of prawns that some people love to eat, but a fish tank... i love it!

People here are very nice too and i feel like repeating the McDonald's tagline. Another good thing is that Mrinal's office is almost walkable from my office (poor sweetheart of mine ;)) and we leave from work at the same time and early enough (touchwood). Nivi too is on the top floor of the same building! Appears too unbelievable na!

I hope it remains this way and i do some great work out here!

Well, tomorrow's my second week at the new place. And i am pretty excited about it! See ya!

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