A lovely gesture

We know each other for some ten years now. We were classmates in college. A whole gang that used to maintain a good balance between serious studies and good times together. As years passed, we dispersed. Feel happy about the fact that most of us are still in touch, some frequent and some occasional interactions.

All of us studied science, chemistry major, except Kalpana. And almost all of us are in non-science professions! Some are in India, some flew abroad… life has taken us, or should I say we have taken our life in various directions.

Today, Chaitanya came home, for the first time in all these years. And guess what, he’s getting married! Am so happy for him. It was so nice of him to come over and personally give me his wedding card. In this busy life, small things like make such a difference. His is an arranged marriage and the fact that he has converted into a love one is so beautiful!

I remember how much fun he used to be in college. How we used to play ‘kaafiya’ on our way to classes. How much we enjoyed at Kanheri Caves, when Jigs walked backwards on our way back! Then Chaitu took up this computer course, and trust me that was one of the best decisions of his life considering that he got his dream job. And of course, he is now on his way to make his other dreams come true with Reshma, his dream girl.

Life has taken its turns, and we all are reaching places, realising our dreams. Sweet gestures make the journey so beautiful!

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